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New Boiler Finance

Pay in 24 Monthly Installments

With Novuna Personal Finance, you can spread the cost of your new boiler. Check if you are eligible and talk to the team to find out more! Finance is offered subject to status and credit check.

With Novuna Personal Finance, you can spread the cost of your new boiler. Check if you are eligible and talk to the team to find out more! Finance is offered subject to status and credit check.

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New Boiler Finance

0% Boiler Finance Options

A reliable and efficient boiler is a necessity in any modern home – but isn’t always at the top of anyone’s wish list!
So why not spread the cost of your new boiler over 2 years with interest free credit and keep your hard earned money for the nicer things in life.

Woman with broken boiler problem, Tunbridge Wells

When Beth from Tunbridge-Wells woke up one morning to discover her old gas boiler was rattling and letting out steam, it couldn’t have come at a worse time...

Ruined plans cause broken boiler, Tunbridge Wells

Beth had planned to save up for a new boiler once she’d paid for the big family holiday she’d been planning. She knew there was no point repairing the boiler but was worried she would have to cancel the holiday to replace it...

Finance solution about broken boiler problem, Tunbridge Wells

Until Beth found out that KHS Heating would be able to offer her a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler with 0% interest free credit! Beth was able to spread the cost of her new boiler into 24 manageable monthly payments.

New boiler installation with payments, Tunbridge Wells

Jeremy arrived to install the new boiler the next day, he took great care to explain all of the features, energy saving tips and made sure Beth understood how the finance option she had chosen would be paid off each month.

Monthly payments for new boiler, Tunbridge Wells

Beth kept up with her monthly payments, gradually paying off the cost of her new boiler while continuing to save for the holiday she’d booked for her family.

Happy about new boiler not ruin vacations, Tunbridge Wells

Beth and her family had a wonderful time relaxing in the sunshine, knowing they had a safe and warm home to come back to.

24 Months | Example
0% Interest Free Credit
Cash price£2,500
Deposit £625
Total amount of credit£1,875
Term24 months
24 monthly payments£78.12
Fixed rate of Interest0%
Total amount payable£2,500
Total charge for credit£0.00
KHS 20 years of experience-in-plumbing and heating services
New Boiler Finance

7.9% Boiler Finance Options

A boiler replacement can put a strain on any family’s finances – especially if it comes out of the blue.
We are proud to offer a range of finance options that ensure a new boiler fits in with your financial requirements. We can help you spread the cost of the entire installation of your new boiler over 10 years and with nothing to pay up front!

Man with boiler problem, Sevenoaks

When Brian from Sevenoaks woke up in the freezing cold one morning and discovered his boiler wouldn’t turn on, he called KHS to find out what the problem might be...

KHS heating engineer suggests boiler replacement, Sevenoaks

Dan came over to have a look at the boiler, but unfortunately, the only solution was to replace it...

No money for new boiler, Sevenoaks

Brian was facing some financial challenges and could not afford to replace his boiler. He appreciated the offer of 0% interest free credit, but he was worried about his monthly expenses.

Spread the cost of new boiler, Sevenoaks

Dan explained how Brian could pay for his new boiler across 10 years using our interest bearing monthly payment option. This made the monthly cost much more manageable.

New boiler with guarantee, Sevenoaks

Brian had his new Worcester Bosch boiler installed the next day. Dan even showed Brian how to work his new boiler and register his guarantee.

Low monthly payments for new boiler, Sevenoaks

Brian was thrilled to have a warm home again! The lower monthly payments meant Brian was worry free about keeping his finances in order.

120 Months | Example
7.9% APR Interest Bearing Credit
Cash price£2,500
Total amount of credit£1,875
Term120 months
120 monthly payments£22.39
Fixed rate of Interest7.9%
Total amount payable£3,311.80
Total charge for credit£811.80
KHS 20 years of experience-in-plumbing and heating services
New Boiler Finance

Buy Now Pay Later Boiler Finance Options

A broken boiler never comes at the right time, but don’t let it ruin your plans!
With our Buy Now Pay Later options for your new boiler you can have the new reliable boiler that you need with no upfront payment and nothing to pay for up to 12 months.

Woman needs boiler replacement, Maidstone

When Liz had just moved into her new home in Maidstone, she noticed the old boiler was playing up, she contacted KHS only to find out it needed replacing.

No money for boiler replacement, Maidstone

She was worried as she had just spent most of her savings on other renovations. She couldn’t afford to buy a new boiler upfront.

Buy new boiler now and pay later, Maidstone

Then Liz discovered the buy now, pay later option which would allow her to pay nothing for up to a year while she gathers up the savings to pay off the cost.

Buy new boiler and pay later, Maidstone

Liz was amazed to have a brand new boiler which she had enough time to save for while she made the other renovations to her new home.

Pay the boiler after 10 months with no interest, Maidstone

After only 10 months of clever budgeting, Liz was ready to pay for her new boiler in full. Because she paid within the agreed deferral period, she had no additional interest to pay.

Woman nice and cozy with new boiler, Maidstone

Within a year, Liz was settled in and ready for a cozy winter in her new home with her brand new boiler keeping her warm.

Buy Now Pay Later
Representative Example
Cash price£2,500
Total amount of credit£1,875
Payment deferral period12 months
If paid in full within deferral period£2529 (including £29 settlement fee)
Term84 months
84 monthly payments£35.91
APR representative11.9%
Interest rate fixed11.9%
Total amount payable£3641.44
Total charge for credit£1141.44


Who we CAN work with:
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • UK resident for more than 3 Years
  • Own personal bank account from which a Direct Debit can be taken
  • Owner occupier
  • Permanent employment, working minimum 16 hours per week
  • Self employed
  • Retired person
  • On disability allowance
  • Unemployed and 'house person' (with consent of co-habiting working partner)
  • A customer with an email address and telephone number


Who we CAN’T work with:
  • Unemployed without a spouse/ partner in full time employment
  • Temporary positions/agency workers
  • Foster carers without a spouse/partner who meets our minimum employment criteria
  • An unregistered childminder
  • Full time students (other than trainee nurses and doctors)
  • Supply teachers who do not have a permanent contract with a specific school, we would possibly require the school name and address
  • A customer without an email address and telephone number
KHS 20 years of experience-in-plumbing and heating services

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