Gas Safe Heating Engineers

Gas Safe & OFTEC Registered heating engineers

Why should you ensure a heating engineer is Gas Safe and OFTEC registered?

Ensuring that a heating engineer is Gas Safe registered and OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) registered is crucial for several reasons, primarily related to safety and competence in handling specific types of heating systems.

Here's why these registrations are important:

Gas Safe Registered

Legal Requirement
It is a legal requirement for individuals or companies working with gas appliances to be Gas Safe registered. This ensures that they have the necessary qualifications and training to work safely with gas.

Gas Safety
Gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. Gas Safe registration indicates that the engineer is trained to work safely with gas appliances, reducing the risk of leaks, explosions, and other hazards.

Being Gas Safe registered means the engineer has undergone specific training and assessments related to gas work. This ensures a certain level of competence in installing, repairing, and maintaining gas appliances.

Gas Safe registered engineers are held to high standards, and the registration provides a level of accountability. If something goes wrong, there are mechanisms in place to address the issue and protect consumers.


OFTEC Registered

Oil Heating Competence
OFTEC registration is specifically related to oil-fired heating systems. It ensures that the engineer is competent and qualified to work with oil-fired appliances, such as boilers and burners.

OFTEC registration signifies compliance with industry standards and regulations for oil heating systems. This includes installation, maintenance, and servicing.

Specialised Training
Oil heating systems have specific requirements and nuances. OFTEC registration indicates that the engineer has received specialised training to work with these systems safely and effectively.

Quality Assurance
OFTEC registration provides assurance to consumers that the engineer has the necessary skills and knowledge to handle oil-fired heating systems, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of the equipment.


Hiring a heating engineer who is both Gas Safe and OFTEC registered ensures that they have the appropriate qualifications and skills to work safely and effectively with gas and oil heating systems. Here at KHS Heating, we have ensured all our engineers have the highest level of qualifications and skills to be able to work on all heating applications and products. If you have a question about your central heating, please get in touch with our team!