Oil Boiler Installations In Kent

Why choose an oil boiler?

Why should I choose an oil boiler for my home?

Choosing an oil boiler for your home heating system may be the right choice for your home. Here are some factors to consider when deciding to install an oil boiler:

Fuel Availability
Lack of Gas Infrastructure
If your home is located in an area without access to a natural gas supply network, oil can be a great alternative for heating.

Independence from Gas Prices
Price Stability
Oil prices may not be as dependent on infrastructure and market fluctuations as gas prices. While global oil prices can vary, they might not be subject to the same local market dynamics as gas.

Heating System Flexibility
Existing Infrastructure
If your home already has an oil heating system in place, upgrading to a new oil boiler may be a more straightforward option than switching to an entirely different fuel type.

Energy Efficiency
High Efficiency Options
Modern oil boilers can be highly efficient, and advancements in technology have improved their performance, making them more energy-efficient than older models.

Customisable Installation
Location Flexibility
Oil boilers offer flexibility in terms of installation location since they don't rely on a gas pipeline. This can be advantageous in homes where gas installation may be challenging.

Long-Term Reliability
Stable Supply
Oil supplies are often stable and reliable, and the fuel can be stored on-site, reducing the risk of service interruptions due to external factors.

Before making a decision, talk to KHS Heating's experienced engineers to to assess your specific needs, evaluate the suitability of oil as a fuel source for your location, and comply with any local regulations or environmental considerations.