Annual Boiler Servicing Kent

Benefits of an annual boiler service

Why an annual boiler service is important

Servicing your existing Worcester Bosch boiler helps to keep it running as efficiently and effectively as possible all year round. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will perform thorough tests and checks on your boiler to give you complete peace of mind!

Boiler guarantee
Servicing your boiler annually is often a condition of your boiler’s guarantee. So to ensure your guarantee or warranty stays valid year after year, an annual boiler service is an essential option.

Prevent unwanted breakdowns
No one wants a broken boiler during the winter months, an annual boiler service can detect and prevent unwanted breakdowns and long-term issues.

Energy efficiency
An annual boiler service helps to keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible to help keep your energy bills low.

Keep your family safe
A faulty, broken boiler can lead to a potential gas leak. Our engineers can check for carbon monoxide leads and ensure your boiler is running safely.

Are you a landlord?
If so then you are responsible for your tenants’ boiler and other gas appliances within the property.

If you have any questions about servicing your boiler, then please get in touch with the KHS Heating team today!