Benefits Of Buying A New Boiler

The benefits of buying a new boiler

Discover the benefits of buying a new gas or oil-fired boiler

With the current cost of living crisis and interest rates soaring, you might think the time’s not right to buy a new gas or oil boiler. However, if your current boiler is more than 10 to 15 years old and/or you’ve been having problems with it, we strongly recommend you consider replacing it over the summer.

Why? Well, at KHS Heating & Plumbing, like most businesses in our sector, things get very busy with boiler breakdowns and (often unexpected) boiler replacements from late September onwards. By booking an installation in August or early to mid-September, you’ll miss the rush and have the reassurance that your new boiler is not only guaranteed to work when you turn on the central heating, but will also be under warranty for up to 12 years*.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of replacing an older or unreliable oil-fired or gas boiler.

Peace of mind that you and your family are safe
Older or defective boilers can present serious safety hazards to your household. There’s the risk of fire or even explosion (thankfully very rare) and the invisible dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) leaks that you can’t see or smell. Even if your gas or oil boiler has been serviced every year, problems can develop very quickly with older appliances as the technology and safety features may not be as robust as those of newer models.

Increased energy efficiency = lower gas or oil bills
Boilers lose energy efficiency as they age, so your new oil or gas boiler will immediately save you money on your fuel bills. Modern types of gas and oil boilers are condensing types, which means they can retrieve more heat from the exhaust flue and recycle it to heat the water in your radiators – saving energy and money.

On top of this, today’s boiler programmers and thermostats are designed to help you use gas or oil as efficiently as possible, for example, by automatically adjusting temperatures in line with current weather conditions. Products such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) give you far more control over the heat levels in each room of your home than old-fashioned manual valves, and can easily be adjusted from day to day depending on when and how you use each room.

Reduced environmental impact
Modern gas and oil boilers give off a lot less carbon dioxide than older appliances. This cuts the carbon footprint of your home and helps reduce your environmental impact. In the UK, we’re working towards becoming net carbon zero by 2050. By ditching your old boiler, you’ll be playing your part in helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming.

Fossil fuel boilers are being phased out
You may have read that gas and oil boilers cannot be replaced after 2025. This isn’t true for gas boilers, which will be allowed until 2035 for properties that already have them – so there’s no mad rush if you’re not ready to replace your appliance just yet. (New build houses must have an alternative means of renewable heating after 2025, such as a heat pump.)

The situation is different for oil boilers, however. You won’t be allowed to replace your oil boiler from 2026 onwards. We therefore recommend that, if you have an older or unreliable oil boiler and want to keep using oil for the time being, you have it replaced now. If you’re off-grid and want to move away from oil, there may be other fuel types you can look at; please contact KHS Heating & Plumbing to discuss your options.

Improved reliability and lower maintenance costs
The older your boiler is, the more likely it is to break down. If the manufacturer’s warranty has run out, that could prove very costly. What’s more, spare parts may not be available for obsolete models, forcing you into buying a new boiler without being able to plan ahead for the expense.

As noted above, if the breakdown comes at a busy time, your heating engineer may not be able to get to you straightaway – leaving you with hot water or heating in the autumn or winter months. Not something you’ll want to deal with, especially if children or vulnerable adults live in your home. Acting now to replace the boiler will avoid these problems and give you invaluable reassurance there’ll be no unexpected repair bills and, if something does go wrong, the manufacturer’s warranty will probably cover it.

Options for spreading the cost with boiler finance
Any type of boiler is a big investment, especially in today’s economic climate. Not everyone has the cash upfront to buy their new appliance outright, so KHS Heating & Plumbing has partnered with Novuna Personal Finance to bring you a range of options to spread the cost.

These are:
0% interest free credit over 24 months (minimum 20% deposit needed)
7.9% APR interest bearing credit over 120 months (optional deposit)
Buy now pay later: 12 months’ payment deferral period then 11.9% APR over 84 months

You can find out more and view some examples on our dedicated Boiler Finance page. (Please also read the small print in the footer at the bottom of the page.)

Get a quote for a new gas or oil-fired boiler today
If you live in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding towns and villages in Kent, KHS Heating & Plumbing will be pleased to provide a no-obligation quote for your new boiler. All our engineers are both Gas Safe and OFTEC registered for gas and boiler installations respectively, so you can rely on us to deliver a safe and professional service, every time.

We’re proud to be Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers and we also fit, service and maintain several other leading brands of gas and oil boilers. Please contact us today to request a quote or discuss your boiler installation and / or boiler finance requirements.

*The duration of the manufacturer’s warranty will depend on the fuel type, make and model of the boiler. Please ask us for details when you contact us about your new boiler installation.